by Incredible Indian Tea


Incredible India Tea; taking your tastebuds on the journey of a lifetime

Incredible Indian Tea has been established following my several visits to India during 2015, and 2016.

I was introduced to tea that totally blew my mind, and was an incredible taste sensation. You see, all there was available in the UK, as far as I knew, was the standard ‘builders’ tea…….be it Yorkshire Tea, Tetley, or such like and that was all well and good until now!

Once I was introduced to Indian Tea, or Chai, there was no way I was going back to normal bland British ‘dust’ as it just no longer satisfied my tastebuds

Masala Chai is without any doubt whatsoever the drink of the gods, and then you have Turmeric Spicy Chai, OH MY WORD!!……my tastebuds started weeping with joy.

That is when I knew I just had to bring this taste sensation to you

I have sat many times drinking India Chai with small cakes, and feel there is no drink on Planet Earth that takes your tea drinking to a whole new level

I hope you enjoy

Kevin J. Lear

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