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Importer of Specialist Incredible Indian Tea Direct From The Plantation.....

I would like to welcome and thank you for choosing to look at Incredible Indian Tea.

Incredible Indian Tea was founded by myself, a passionate tea drinker. I sourced directly from the tea plantations in India, cutting out the middleman, and ensuring the teas are authentic

Imagine this.......

You are sat waiting for your Incredible Indian Tea to arrive.

You can smell the aroma of freshly picked beautiful Tea leaves brewing. Your Tea arrives and is poured into your Tea glass, all stunningly golden full of flavour. You pick up your glass, and whilst taking a sip you close your eyes, your tastebuds start dancing, then, as if by magic you are transported into the mountains on India with traditional music playing in your ears. Not only that, but you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin...........

Welcome to the Magical Incredible Indian Tea experience.

Arriving in India for the first time and being introduced to tea that had my tastebuds dancing with joy was an incredible taste sensation discovery.

You see, all there is available in the UK, as far as I knew, was the standard 'builders' tea. Be it Yorkshire Tea, Tetley, PG Tips or such like and that was all well and good until now!

Once I was introduced to Indian Tea, (or Chai), there was no going back to normal bland British 'dust' as it just no longer satisfied the tastebuds. (read the brew guide and you will discover this type of tea is the lowest grade and it is called 'dust')

Incredible Indian Tea is without any doubt whatsoever the drink of the gods, and your tastebuds will start jumping for joy taking you on a voyage of discovery that will change your life forever.

That is when I knew I had to bring this taste sensation to you and your life.

Sitting many times whilst I was in India drinking Incredible Indian Tea I felt there is no drink on Planet Earth that takes your tea drinking to a whole new level.

Here’s to changing your life forever

Kevin J. Lear
Owner and Tea Drinking Legend
Incredible Indian Tea

Incredible Indian Tea Is So Natural With Amazing Health Benefits

Good For Your Health

Incredible Indian Teas mission is in providing genuine Indian Teas to customers all over the UK. We provide pouch packaged whole leaf Teas and will provide the finest quality of Tea that has been 'suggested' to have the following benefits....
Energy boosting......
Antioxidant properties.....
Aiding Digestion....
Anti inflammatory properties......
Relieving stomach pain and nausea......
Heart health......

Indian Tea Leaves
Looking left at the comparison photograph.
The Tea on the left is Incredible India Tea leaf, whilst the Tea on the right is your normal ‘Tea Bag’ dust Tea.
They are both just one teaspoon of Tea brewed the same way but just look at the difference !
Which do you think will provide the best tastebud dancing flavour?
Not hard to work out is it really……….

THE INCREDIBLE INDIAN TEA JOURNEY..........................

At Incredible Indian Tea we offer the best quality Darjeeling, Assam and spectacular Indian Spice Tea Teas available in the market, that is pouch packed direct from the plantation for ultra freshness.

The Tea Culture has been prevailing in India from the time of the British and we at Incredible Indian Tea strive to keep that culture alive, now available in the UK.

Incredible Indian Tea has been on a quest to ensure that good quality Teas are provided to its customers who are ardent drinkers of pure Darjeeling, Assam and Indian Spice Teas to name a few.

Our purpose is to purely redefine the way people of the UK.

In the era of flavoured Teas the taste of origin has somewhat lost its existence, we at Incredible Indian Tea will be providing you the most fresh and pure Darjeeling, Assam and Indian Spice Teas so that you taste what the Tea leaves have to originally offer.

Incredible Indian Tea is a brand initiated to satisfy your cravings for the perfect cup of Tea.

It is a collaboration between Tea lovers that come from a family who have been in the business for more than three decades.

The products guarantee authenticity and quality as we directly deliver to our customers at their door step right from our plantations to your tea cup.

Incredible Darjeeling First Flush

Darjeeling First Flush

Darjeeling First Flush is also known as the First Flush comes from the very first plucking of the Tea harvesting season. It brings an enchanting warmth and aroma of Darjeeling's finest leaves. It has a delicate floral fragrance and a subtle refreshing flavour that will invigorate you

Incredible Darjeeling High Fire

Incredible Darjeeling High Fire

High Fire Tea is a unique creation by our tasters. This tea is from the high elevated areas of Darjeeling. This tea is made out of ancient bushes during the Second Flush season. It is more oxidized than other black tea with more roasting time. This has a typical musky aroma with a burnt flavor underneath after brewing. This type of tea has good strength and body one can also use milk and sugar as personal preference.

Incredible Assam Tea

Assam Tea

Assam is a black tea named after the region of its production: (Assam, India). This tea grown at sea level is known for its body, briskness, malty flavour, and strong, bright colour.

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Green Packaging

The packaging used is all 'green' and helping to keep our planet safe

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Being introduced to Indian Tea, or Chai, there was no way of going back to normal bland British 'dust' as it just no longer satisfied my tastebuds.

Incredible Indian Tea is without any doubt whatsoever the drink of the gods as tastebuds started weeping with joy.

That is when we just had to bring this taste sensation to you.

Real Tea, True Taste, From The Plantation

Incredible Indian Tea will take your tastebuds on an incredible taste sensation journey, that will take your tea experience to a whole new level.

Vacuum Packed Freshness

Incredible Indian Tea has been Pouch Packed for Freshness to give you that straight from the planation fresh, exciting and special Indian taste

Specialist Incredible Indian Tea