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Using An Infuser

by Incredible Indian Tea
Specialist Incredible Indian Tea
Specialist Incredible Indian Tea

A loose leaf tea can open up whole new possibilities in flavour.

To brew loose leaf tea, we often rely on a tea infuser. Dry tea leaves are put into the infuser, which is then placed directly into your cup or teapot. Infusers have holes large enough to let the hot water interact with the leaves, but small enough to stop most of those leaves from escaping. They essentially do the job of a tea bag. 

A strainer, meanwhile, is used after the tea in your pot has already brewed. It catches the leaves in the liquid as it is poured from the spout into the cup.

Both infusers and strainers tend to be reusable, and might come in the form of a basket, ball or built-in filter.

In some cultures, tea leaves are regularly chewed or eaten. In fact, it’s rumoured that when tea first arrived in the UK, some Brits ate tea between two slices of bread – like a sandwich!

These days, many people prefer the smoother liquid that a tea infuser will produce.

Keeping your leaves in the cup or teapot as you drink also risks a bitter, over-brewed tea.

3 minutes is a good rule of thumb for brewing most loose leaf teas.

However, the larger the leaf whilst brewing, the much better the flavour.

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