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When you first open the vacuum pack and the smell hits your senses, welcome to Incredible Indian tea – Assam Orthodox Indian Tea paradise.

Assam Orthodox Indian Tea has been selected for its pure organic growth, plus it’s flavour that will have your tastebuds dancing for joy.

Then you get the most important aspect so you get the best taste, and enjoyment…..

incredible indian tea
incredible indian assam tea

What Is Assam Tea? 

Assam tea is a black tea made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant.

Black teas are more heavily oxidized than other types of tea, like green tea or Oxidation is a chemical process that creates darker leaves and a more intense flavor. Assam tea is known for its full-bodied malty flavor, deep aroma, rich color, and brisk taste.

Assam tea gets its name from the Assam region in India, where it is grown. Assam lies along the Brahmaputra River—an area called the Brahmaputra Valley in northeast India, bordering Bangladesh and Myanmar. Assam is the largest tea-growing region in the world. The tea here is grown at sea level, in a warm, wet climate. The weather conditions and terrain contribute to the distinct malty flavor of Assam tea.

Assam tea is also known as Assam black tea, breakfast tea, English breakfast tea or Irish breakfast tea. The breakfast tea you see at your local tea shop or at the grocery store may be pure Assam tea or a blend of different tea leaves including Assam.

You can buy Assam tea as a loose tea.


1. Start with fresh, cold, good-tasting water

The best tea is only as good as the water with which it is prepared. Preparing the same tea in different areas where the hardness of the water varies will produce a different tasting cup of tea.

Fresh water contains more oxygen and this enhances the taste of the tea. Every time water is boiled it loses some of the oxygen held in the water; this is why water that has been re-boiled can lead to a flat tasting cup of tea. For best results, use freshly drawn cold water and boil fresh every time.

Be careful of using water that has any aroma such as heavily chlorinated water. This can spoil the taste of the tea. Some people recommend using filtered or bottled water with a neutral hardness.

2. Selecting and preheating the teapot

First, select a teapot the right size for the number of cups required. Then, because selecting the right water temperature to suit the type of tea is vital, it is important to preheat the pot or cup in which the tea will be steeped. If the pot or cup is cold the hot water will cool too quickly when it is poured in. If the water is not at the correct temperature you will not extract the full flavour of the tea.

How to preheat the pot; Pour a little near-boiling water from the kettle as it starts to boil into the pot and then pour this water off into the drinking cups to warm them.

3. Measure the appropriate amount of tea

All our teas come with brewing instructions and the amount of tea required.

Measure the loose tea according to the suggested amount on the packet; amounts of tea per person vary quite considerably between different grades and types of Incredible Indian Tea.

Place the tea either loose into the pot or wherever possible place the leaves into an infuser or disposable fillable bag which are removed once the tea is brewed.

Since different teas have varying strengths it will be a question of experimenting with your favourite tea to get the exact amount you like.

It is important to remember if you want a stronger cup of tea to use more tea. Many people make the mistake of leaving the tea to brew for longer to try to increase its strength. This will only leave the tea tasting bitter. Instead, brew for the same length of time but add extra tea.

4. Select the right water temperature for the tea used

Brew your tea with water at the correct temperature to be sure to get the best taste.

Black, Herbal; These types are best prepared with water that has come to boiling. Don’t let the water boil too long or the oxygen content will be reduced and the tea will taste flat.

5. Brew (steep) the tea for the correct time

Once you become familiar with the different teas you like you will be able to adjust the steeping time to your taste. Until you are familiar with a particular tea, steep for the suggested time and taste. 

Pay attention to the taste rather than the colour.

Remember, the amount of time it takes for a tea to brew depends on its leaf size. The general rule is, the smaller the leaf, the faster the tea infuses. When the tea tastes right, remove the infuser to avoid over steeping. Use an egg timer for timing the brewing. 

Most are for three minutes but you can get some which count three, four and five minutes.

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